July 19-21, 2019
Moncton, NB

Farewell Evolve Boards!

Times change. Message boards get hacked. New and better ways to connect people spring up. So it’s time to turn the page and say farewell to the Evolve Message Boards. For seven years, the Evolve boards have been a great place to connect with friends in the Evolve community. But today we say goodbye to the boards once and for all.

But in this era of mobile communications and social networking, fear not – there are still so many ways for you to keep in touch with us and your other Evolve friends.

Join us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. And wear out your phone’s battery on Instagram.  The important thing is to stay in touch.   And we’ll be staying in touch with you (and announcing 2015 dates soon) on these social networks, and whatever other ones pop up in the next five minutes.

Thanks for all the Message Board memories!


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