July 19-21, 2019
Moncton, NB

2018 Tickets On Sale now

Happy Valentines Day, people!

Please accept the release of 2018 Super Early Bird tickets as a gesture of our deepest affection for you and the whole Evolve community!  That’s right – 2018 EVOLVE TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW!!!

As always, ticket prices will slowly creep up as we get closer to the festival, so don’t delay – buy yours now.  (And a few extras for your friends and family and maybe someone you’ve always wanted to connect with and never really had a good opportunity, but it’s Valentine’s Day so WTF, right?)

Artists are being confirmed.  Plans are being finalized.  The 2018 Evolve Festival is looking like it’ll be the best ever.  You must come.

Can’t wait to see you.

Evolve HQ


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