July 19-21, 2019
Moncton, NB

Lash LaRue

Canmore, Alberta

Lash LaRue got his start in the quiet little Rocky Mountain town of Canmore, Alta. Born from the infamous Canmore Crew, Lash Larue comes from a group of late night believers responsible for setting the after party standard in western Canada. This group kidnapped deejays like Chris Liberator, Roland the Bastard, The Stickmen, Micro, Deko-ze and Czech making them play in the middle of the mountains! Big, Big Ups to Sweet-e, Matt-b, Mel and Vero. With a background in piano, saxophone and nitrous-oxide, matched with a kick-ass taste in funky beats, you can expect Lash’s productions (and mixes) to be a variety of hard hitting, ass shaking, house, techno & balloons!! Check out @deejay-lash-larue for the Lash’s latest in underground house music productions!!

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