July 19-21, 2019
Moncton, NB

Nick Nonsense

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Since starting out as a teenager on community radio in Fredericton, NB, Nick has been playing music for the entertainment of others on Canada’s east coast and beyond. Catching the bug for electronic music very early, Nick made the transition to from radio to performing DJ in 1990. Soon after that, his reputation as a vibe provider would grow to a point that Nick was playing records for people in Quebec, New England, and the rest of Atlantic Canada on a regular basis. He’s never looked back since.

Sliding right into the local scene, Nick was performing in the Halifax area almost upon arrival. Nick opened up Revolution Records in Halifax in October of 1997, quickly catapulting himself and the entire local scene into uncharted waters. Over the next few years, Halifax would become known for the things it had always been: a crazy party town with a relationship between the audience and the DJ like no other underground scene in the country, with his name frequently one of those you would hear when Halifax got mentioned. Among his work, he released 2 mix CDs along the way on the independent Growth label, further solidifying the association of his name with a night of sweaty dancing and good times, east-coast style. Now the next phase has begun as he and some other haligonians launched Atlantic Standard Recordings, a label with a mandate to showcase the best of Canada’s east coast to the world. Whether his shows are meant to inspire a packed dance floor to dance even harder, or to inspire a relaxing listening experience to his recorded mixes, Nick brings his unique flavour to the individual event with the flair that only experience and a sincere love of the music bring with them.

Since becoming known throughout the east as a turntable tastemaker, Nick has been experimenting by taking his talents on the turntables beyond the conventional. He now pushes the envelope by performing on the turntables in a variety of settings and environments, and presenting a wide variety of styles. His work on productions with label partner and fellow Halifax DJ, Mathematix, have unleashed the potential that had been brewing for some time and spurred a host of new projects in the studio and on turntables. The most satisfying of these are his recent collaborations with Atlantic Standard recording artist, Soledrifter, helping keep the dancefloor burning and the vibe flowing as part of the live presentation of Soledrifter’s material.

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